D5 vs D4 in Basketball

Linwood/ March 28, 2016/ Nikon Hardware/ 0 comments

Here’s a followup. I shot Basketball this evening, and during warmup I shot some in the same environment with the D4 and D5, between 3200 and 25,600.

I processed these in Lightroom with the same default preset I use, no special approach to the higher ISO. They are also a tad bright I think in a few cases, but I did not adjust exposure as I did not want to bias the ISO results.

These are a center crop of the same portion of the frame, then I up-scaled the D4 a bit to be the same size. This is a scaled down view for here, but just click the image for a full size view.D5 vs D4 Test Shots

I’m going to stick with my “underwhelmed” answer, with regard to ISO. There’s a lot to like (I’ll try to post a followup on focusing, which I am still pretty enamored with, later).

PS. Oh, wait… you wanted to know which was which? Can’t you tell? The D5 was on the left.

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