Those D4’s have great high ISO (D4 vs D5)

Linwood/ March 25, 2016/ Nikon Hardware/ 0 comments

I still want to see some humans under arena lights and similar, but a brief test of colors inside have taught me that the D4 is one heck of a good high ISO camera, and the D5 leaves me a bit under-whelmed.

I started at ISO 3200 and went up to 204,800 increasing shutter each stop, shooting a flower under indoor light where it was steady. It’s at F2.8 and may not be perfect focus but seems close enough on the center to see some. I switched in Lightroom to Camera Standard, and synchronized the color temperature as I had the D4 set to a fined tuned WB that was a bit warmer. This is a standard preset I have, applied to all, with no attempt to better tune the high ISO settings, but it is the same preset on both cameras.

Here’s what it looks like as thumbnails (click for larger image).

D4_D5_ThumbnailsYou can see the background shadows drop into color noise a little later on the D5 (bottom), but not that much later.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the interior. It’s resized for display here (you can click for a larger view). I did not scale them to match, so the D5 on the right is a bit larger due to the increased resolution. I guess arguably you should scale to the same field of view which would give it some benefit.

I don’t mean to imply that it is bad by any means, but I was hoping for more.

I have not looked carefully, but my impression is that the embedded JPG’s (and so probably the SOOC JPG’s) are much better, seeming to imply a lot of work on the processing in camera. So I also looked at ViewNX-I’s raw rendering vs Lightroom, and they are quite different. Not sure how much of that is my presets and various settings. LR is MUCH worse if you reset-all, but I’m wondering if I do not need some significant work to get ISO dependent presets.

Anyway, for those waiting for delivery, something to stare at.

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